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Intake of Goods

The turnover that is generated from your goods will be donated to charity that support animal wellfare.

If you have goods that you wish to donate in the form of complete household effects, furnitures, clothing and any other usable goods, then you are welcome to bring these goods to our store from Tuesday till Saterday from 10:00 till 16:00 at Kiekboe Kringloop D.J. Bunschotenstraat 14 in Goor (overijssel)

If you are unable to bring these goods by yourself, you can make an appointments by calling us on 0547-820330. On the day of appointment we will help you transport the donated goods, after approval, which is done locally.

This means that the goods offered need to be in good order, usable and also sellable.
Any goods offered need to pass the following criteria:

  • Goods must be clean.
  • Clothing must be placed in a bag, shoe's seperatly from clothing.
  • Goods must be compleet, loose parts must be kept together in a bag/box.
  • Small items and or toys in a box or bag.
  • Books in sturdy boxes.
  • Trashpaper sturdy boxes (must be dry, wet will not be accepted).
  • Metals can be brough in as well but within agreement.


Warning regarding houshold effects

When we arrive to pickup the household effects please place the goods on groundlevel, we will not and cannot walk stairs or onto attics nor basements to transport the goods to our van.

If the goods are stored ourside, please shield or shelter them from weather influences

If you already have an appoiment but wish to add more goods, please notify is beforehand. For that you can contact us by phone: 0547-820330

When making an appointment, please keep in mind that the times are based on an estimation, sometimes it takes longer to get to your appoinment due to unforseen situations, like traffic, weather, machanical breakdown, technical issues and so on.

Goods we accept regularly




clean and complete matrasses

Kitchen Appliances
must be in working order

Books and magazines

Cd’s, Dvd’s en Blue-Ray’s

Vinyl’s, singels and cassettes

Bikes / Motors / Scooters


Metal Scrap


Scrap paper

Huishold Appliance / Assesoires

Bags, Boxes, Crates ect



Garden Furnitures

Ink and Toner cartridges

Christmas Decorations

Sanitairy accesoires


Luxaflex, blinds and shades

Tent's, hiking, Camping


Lamps, LED, CCFL, ect

Mobiele phones, working and non working.

Electrical Appliances

Pillows, livingroom accesoires

Carpets, Rugs, ect.

Laminate flooring

PC's, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, Mouse, Keyboard, ect.

Woods (usable) Tables, Pots ect

Any other usable material that can be sold.

Keep track of this page on this website as this list is under constant review.

Goods we will NOT accept!

Everything regarding animal cruelty

within review

Disassembled incomplete cabinets

Garden and plant waste


Chemical waste

Fur (animal)

Damaged or dirty matrasses

Darkoak Furniture within review

Goods that are dirty or broken

Wrecking debris

Products that contain asbestos

Slides (personal)

Wet, dirty or damaged clothing


Delivering of Goods

When you have visited our store and purchased items that are to big to simply carry out the store, or are in need of help transpirting these goods we can also offer you the deliver the goods to your addres. This is also bound to certain rules:

The items to be delivered need to be payed in advance.
A transportfee is asked to be payed upon delivery.
The transportfee within Hof van Twente is capped at €5,-
The Transportfee is subject to change depending on distance traveled outside Hof van Twente.

To make an appointment for delivery please contact us by phone: 0547-820330
We will need your adres to which the goods are to be delivered, a telephonenumber in case we need to contact you. The goods are delivered on groundlevel, incase you are unable to move these goods, you can ask us to help, but this must be notified before delivery takes place, due to a longer time needed to complete the delivery.

Please note:

You must measure the size of the goods and make sure they either fit through a front, garden or backdoor. Our drivers are abable to spend extended times to help out with assembly or disassembly, if you need help with this please nodtify us beforehand. Additional fees apply!