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Our Vision

To create a world where there is respect and rights to people, but also to animals.

Our foundation is set on the ideals or making you aware of animal cruelty and wishes to participate into the relieve of animal suffering. WE do this to make people aware of what is happening on a large and daily scale. There is no needs for animals to suffer from pain, neglect, stavation, cold, and or any other form of cruelty.

We also participate in unburdening our envirnoment by taking in goods and counter waste and resources by stimulating you to reuse these materials, to offer and second, third and many other lifes to these goods, materials, and so on.

Our foundation also provides in social acceptance like allowing people who suffer from social disfucntion, work problems, addiction, criminal hystory and so on, to allow them to have a place to be happy, work on their skils, provide them with guidance and a save haven for them to be. We see our foundation as one big family with a lot of colors and diversity. Its kept low key, no high bars to set, and participate at you own pace. Its amazing to see how much people have undiscovered skilsets or are good at things that can make a difference.

our foundation is set on the following goals:

- Motivate people to think about reuse and be mindfull with goods.
- To offer the oppertunity to donate usable materials to our foundation. Either free or by means of reimbursements.
- To inform people about the extend of animal cruelty and how to change this.
- To offer funds to other organisations that help counter animal cruelty.
- The terms to which donations are given to combat animal cruelty is set and dictaed in our gifts policy.

Our foundation distinct itself by means decorating our store by unconventional means. To show reused objects, by being creative and inquisitive with resources and repurposed materials.